New V5 AC Compressor Refrigerant Control Valve R12

New A/C Compressor Mounted Refrigerant Control Valve For General Motors V5 Compressors. Calibrated For R12 Refrigerant.
List Price: $63.08
You save $38.08
Part # V003

New A/C Compressor Control Valve fits the following vehicles:

The refrigerant control valve on V5 and V7 compressors is located on the outer edge of the rear of the compressor body.  It is held in with a small snap ring.  Before removing this snap ring, the refrigerant must be evacuated from the A/C system, or the valve may shoot out like a bullet.
ACDelco 15-5310
Compressor Works 758845
Four Seasons 38845
General Motors 2724331
Proliance 4694
Visteon 400063