New Kubota Tractor AC Compressor

New SCSA06 Air Conditioning A/C Compressor Complete With Single Groove V-Belt Clutch Assembly For Kubota Tractors.
List Price: $487.30
You save $243.65
Part # 23138N

New SCSA06 A/C Compressor fits the following vehicles:

No vehicles found.
Be sure to compare the Compressor that is on your Kubota Tractor with the picture shown on the website. Kubota does use different compressors on some models of tractor.
This Compressor is the Updated Kubota design and will also replace the SCS06 Kubota A/C Compressor.  The mount looks a bit different, but will bolt up properly without modification.
New SCSA06 A/C Compressor with 4.75" diameter single groove V-Belt clutch assembly.  2.5" gauge line from middle of top mounting boss to middle of belt groove.

Fits Kubota Tractors - B3030, B3030C, B3030DTC, B3030HSDC, L3240, L3240DT, L3240GSTDT, L3240HSTC, L3240HSTDT, L3240HSTDTC, L3430, L3430DT, L3430DT-GSTC, L3430DT-HSTC, L3430DTC, L3430GSTC, L3430HSTC, L3540 (s/n 60068-earlier), L3540-HSTC (s/n 60068-earlier), L3540GSTDT, L3540HSTDT, L3540HSTDTC, L3940 (s/n 60068-earlier), L3940DT (s/n 60068-earlier), L3940DT-HSTC (s/n 60068-earlier), L3940HSTDTC, L4240, L4240DT, L4240DT-HSTC, L4240HSTDTC, L4310, L4310DT, L4310DT-GSTC, L4310DT-HSTC, L4310DTC, L4310GSTDTC, L4310HSTDTC, L4330, L4330DT, L4330DT-GSTC, L4330DT-HSTC, L4330DTC, L4330GSTC, L4330GSTDTC, L4330HSTC, L4330HSTDTC, L4630, L4630DT, L4630DT-GSTC, L4630DT-HSTC, L4630DTC, L4630GSTC, L4630GSTDTC, L4630HST, L4630HSTDTC, L4740, L4740DT, L4740GSTDT, L4740HSTC, L4740HSTDT, L4740HSTDTC, L5030, L5030DT, L5030DTC, L5030GSTC, L5030GSTDTC, L5030HSTC, L5030HSTDTC, L5240, L5240HST, L5240HSTC, L5740, L5740HSTC, L5740HSTDT, L5740HSTDTC, M95SDTC, M95XDTC, M105S, M105SC, M105SDTC, M105XDTC, M108SDTC, M108X, M108XDTC, M110C, M110DTC (s/n 50525-later), M110FC (s/n 10103-earlier), M120C, M120DTC (s/n 50840-later), M120FC (s/n 10062-earlier), M125XDTC, M4900 (s/n 124984-later), M4900C (s/n 12984-later), M4900DT (s/n 53341-later), M4900DTC (s/n 53341-later), M5700 (s/n 11017-later), M5700C (s/n 11017-later), M5700DT (s/n 54242-later), M5700DTC (s/n 54242-later), M5700HDC (s/n 54242-later), M6800 (s/n 20893-later), M6800DT (s/n 65763-later), M6800HDC, M6800S (s/n 21579-later), M6800SC (s/n 21579-later), M6800SDT (s/n 65763-later), M6800SDTC (s/n 65763-later), M8200C (s/n 11019-later), M8200DTC (s/n 54364-later), M8200HDC (s/n 54288-later), M9000 (s/n 11323-later), M9000C (s/n 11323-later), M9000DT (s/n 58437-later), M9000DTC (s/n 58437-later), M9000DTMC (s/n 58437-later), M9000HDC (s/n 58282-later), M9000MDTC

AP Air 503-170
Kubota 6A671-97110, 6A671-97114