Scroll Compressor Control Valve With Oring

A/c Refrigerant Control Valve - Scroll Compressors - Located In Rear Of Compressor - Fits Chevy Equinox, Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle, Thunderbird, Jaguar S-type, X-type, Lincoln Ls, And Mercury Montego. Solves The 'poor Cooling' Problem. With O-ring.
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Part # V001

New A/C Compressor Control Valve with Oring fits the following vehicles:

Many times, if the A/C compressor seems to be engaging correcting, the clutch hub turning, but the pressures are erratic or non-existant, the refrigerant control valve may be the culprit.  This valve is located in the rear of most late scoll compressors, covered by a thin metal plate with two 10mm bolts.  The original valve can become clogged due to oil, tiny bits of debris, or the use of sealants.  Experienced technicians can diagnose a faulty control valve pretty quickly, and simply replacing the valve can be a much more cost-effective repair than a complete compressor change.  Replacing the control valve does not guarantee that the problem will be solved, and returns of this part are not accepted, so professional diagnosis should be done.
***NOTE*** The A/C system must be evacuated of refrigerant before attempting to remove the retaining plate.  Pain or a condition of extreme startlement may be had if you attempt to remove that plate with refrigerant in the system.
We have heard hundreds of stories of how happy folks are with this valve.  We really appreciate these comments, but please, when calling, keep the story short!

"I just want to thank you guys for selling the little AC valve that's used on the Ford scoll compressors (your part: SKU: 116597 Part No: V001) I bought this last week and installed it over the weekend and, of course, it fixed my AC problem. My car has less than 40k miles on it...  Why are you guys the ONLY place that sells this part? I'm tempted to buy a spare just in case this one goes bad! I'm afraid that you all may quit selling it, and then I will have no choice but to replace my whole compressor if it goes out again. Anyway... THANK YOU SO MUCH! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Mark in Mesquite"



I wanted to thank you guys for this part. My 07’ ford Five Hundred Limited, A/C is working like new again. It took 30 minutes to install in the compressor and they didn’t have to take it off the car so only cost me about $30 in labor. What an incredible difference this one small part makes.


I really appreciate you guys making this available.


Mike B., Atlanta, Ga




I just installed your  valve on My 06 Ford 500, paid a local guy to evacuate the system, I installed the valve in a few minutes, and had system vacuumed down and refrigerant reloaded, and what a difference! 


Sure beats costwise the accepted Ford practice of replacing the compressor and associated equip.


 I will certainly recommend your part and this fix to anyone with Ford scroll compressors that are working but not quite delivering fully, as we know probably not guaranteed in all cases, but for the price difference it is certainly worth a try!


Thanks again

Best regards

David W.


I ordered the compressor control valve for my 2005 Ford Five Hundred Limited. AC was not blowing cold at idle. xxxxx Tire's diagnosis - you need a new condensor; Ford Dealer - sounds like you need a new compressor; My local service shop -probably a leak of some sort; I brought in the new control valve; they evacuated, installed, and re-charged. Results - IT BLOWS COLD!!!! The manager and owner were shocked. They had never replaced just this particular part. It was rather quiet when they told me my bill was $159 ($40 labor and $119 for the re-charge)... Thank you!!! You saved me hundreds if not more. I'll spread the word! Tom


Read in a chat room to try your Pt# V001 control valve to fix a 2007 Ford 500 A/C cool at dealer wanted $1800.00 for new compressor and condenser and this $39.95 part and an hour later FIXED!!!! Fast ship and great service from Tech Choice ...THANKS!!!!!! Harry


Just wanted to let you know that the scroll compressor control valve(SKU: 116597 Part No: V001) you sold me for my 2005 Chevy Equinox FIXED the problem. Saved me $$$$$. I'm glad I found your site got it book marked for future ref. Thanks for selling the part ,everyone else just wants to sell the complete compressor.  John M - OK


Thanks guys!!! I purchased a scroll compressor control valve and it corrected the cooling problem on my wifes 2006 Ford Freestyle. I tried to purchase it at my local Ford dealer and was told this part did not exist. You saved me a pile of money and my wife has no reason to complain. Thanks again. Jimmy - AL