Fuel pumps

With a full line of electric fuel pumps, fuel pump modules, and fuel pump hanger assemblies, stocking Airtex fuel pumps in nearly 40 warehouses across the US, delivery can be within 24 to 48 hours. Great selection of ACDelco and Motorcraft fuel pumps in our Dallas warehouse, as well as Beck/Arnley, Spectra Premium, and others in various warehouses. We're committed to delivering value and quality for every customer in need of a fuel pump or fuel pump module.

What is the fuel pump?

Photo of a fuel pump

Fuel pumps are an integral part of every automobile. Early vehicles used a mechanical fuel pump, and late model vehicles use an electric fuel pump, which is what we'll discuss here.

Electric fuel pumps can come as simply a pump, or as an assembly, also called a Module. Fuel pump modules should always be considered as the first choice when the pump needs replacing, as the are 'plug and play' units containing all the necessary parts. A fuel pump module will typically come with a reservoir, sender, pump, fuel level sensor, and the fuel strainer.

The fuel pump moves fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Remember, it's just a small electric pump; it's not really a case of if it fails, but when. A fuel pump just can't go forever in today's conditions.

Fortunately, A/C Parts House is here to help. We stock a large number of popular (and not so popular) fuel pumps and fuel pump modules all over the country, so we can help get you back on the road quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

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